Wednesday, September 22, 2004

For a great review/commentary regarding this year's BU choir, of which I have recently become a member, visit this entry written by the Almighty Conga Man on his blog. Please note that altos and tenors may be offended by the article, so if you fall into either one of those categories, proceed with caution. Speaking of choir, I really wish I could read music, or at least sight read. I am lost half of the time and the other bass 1 (I think he is really a tenor because he speaks in a very high voice and seemed very confused when he was first assigned that position) that I sit beside follows me. I can only imagine how lost he is, especially since I tend to sing semi-random notes until I find my place again. This probably irritates a number of people sitting in my general vicinity but none have said anything to me about it yet.

On a completely unrelated note, I heard today that English (and by that I mean, of course, those from England, or at least some of them, as I imagine that there some that can't be lumped in no matter how hard you try) people eat their apple pie with cheddar cheese. Has anyone tried this and if so, does it taste good? I have to be honest, it doesn't sound very appetizing to me. As much as I like both ingredients separately, I just can't imagine putting both of them together. It almost sounds like one of Wes' Random Lunch Experiments. Perhaps the British Sam knows something about this one?

Summary in seven words: Some words about choir. Pie and cheese?

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