Thursday, September 09, 2004

Blogger wouldn't let me update for the last several days. Stupid blogger.

I went to a Matthew Good concert last night after being made to wait in line for about an hour and a half, then being forced into a small fenced-in area with a TV screen showing what was going on inside because my party and I were not frosh, then finally being let in after the warm-up band was done and Matt Good had started. He played one good song, the rest were just loud and mediocre at best. He doesn't seem like a very happy person. There was lots of energy in the room which made it quite enjoyable. Also, it is nice when the beat from the music beats your heart for you. He, and by that I mean of course the seeminly angry musician for whom the band is named after, seemed a bit disconcerted that the cameraman refused to come and bring his camera on stage so he could get some shots of the bassist's bum as he was being instructed. He even stopped playing several times to tell him to get up on stage and give the people outside a real show, but he wouldn't budge. I wonder what he was afraid of. The bassist was rather scary-looking. Mr. Good then brought out a video game to show us about the US Army which prompted a spontaneous and quite uncontrollable bout of intense booing. This made him get rid of the game quite quickly and bring out something else, a toy army man with some accessories it came with or somesuch but he gave up on his speech at the beginning, saying that no one really cared (this prompted much cheering) and the music continued. Not really good music, but perhaps that is just taste and preference. He messed up his only acoustic song (I know because he stopped in the middle and said something along those lines himself) which kind of dissapointed me. I found the guitar didn't really match his singing in some songs. I still had fun, I just won't get any of his CD's or anything.

Even better was where I went next: Louiza's for some good music and by that I mean of course a group of about 8 people sitting in a circle singing drinking songs (and otherwise) to a solitary guitar. I really did think it was better music than the concert, but again, that is probably just taste and preference. Drama students (all of the people in the circle besides me were drama students) are great.

I met many people yesterday, many of whom I saw today walking around campus, but I can't remember any of their names. Some I met at the pub where I ate supper before the concert (mostly music students there and I became someone's nemesis somehow while I was there) and some more at the little party after the concert. It was a pretty good first day of school.

Summary in seven words: An evening of a business student's life.

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