Monday, August 23, 2004

Random Things That Make For Quite A Disjointed Entry

The college in my small town starts today, so there are tonnes of young people running around making fools of themselves and generally having a good time as far as I can tell. The University which I attend doesn't start until the 8th of September. What is the point of me saying this, you may be asking yourselves. My response would probably be less than satisfactory, so I prefer not to give it, but rather just say it, leave it, and then forget about it, mostly because it isn't all that interesting to ponder.

On a more interesting/pertinent/fun note, I recieved an email after about a month and a half since my original email telling me that, yes, the emailed party would be interested in participating with me in my classical guitar study sessions. So far there are three of us, which should make for some productive sessions, hopefully. More likely they will end up with me getting carried away and laughing so hard that guitar would become impossible. I tend to do that every once in a while.

I ran into a friend that I had not seen in about 4 years. This is what happened:
1) Biking down the street, see a friend, say hi. Notice he is sitting with someone who looks quite familiar, but I'm not quite sure who is.
2) Go to Ryan's for some ever-present good times.
3) Realize who the strangely familiar person was and decide to go see if I can find her again.
4) Successfully locate her (wow that sounds bad) about 7 mitres from where I saw her last.
5) End up talking with her for several (probably around 2.5) hours in various places around town.
It was enjoyable until the particularly horrible rap music drove me to paranoia, shaking, and general nuttyness. So I left. Not without saying goodbye of course, and an exchange of email addresses, of course. I had never before realized how strikingly attractive she was.

Songs of the random time period: Noir Desir - Si Rien Ne Bouge, Lemon Jelly - Chill Out and Dandy Warhols - You Were The Last High

Summary in seven words: School. Classical guitar stuff. Old friend visit.

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