Sunday, August 29, 2004

I went to a football game yesterday which turned out to be quite fun even though th friend I was to go with never actually showed up. A lot of interesting people go to football games. The most interesting was a guy across the isle from me:

Half and Half Ticket sellers: Half and Half!
Guy: Hey you guys, you are doing such a good job!
HHTS: Um ... thanks
Guy: Here *reaches into bag and pulls out a tupperware containter full of jujubes* have some of these, they will help moisten your mouth after all that yelling.
HHTS: Thanks *both girls take one*
Guy: Here, you must be hungry. *pulls out another tupperware full of oreos and offers them to the girls*
HHTS: Thanks... *One takes one but looks a bit uncomfortable, the other busy selling tickets*
Guy: You must be thirsty *pulls out a can of pop from his bag and extends it to the girl still relatively unoccupied*
HHTS: No thanks *both nervously walk away never to return*

Throughout the game I noticed him trying to give, mostly in vain, some of his snacks to people.

Summary in seven words: Football is good, people are more interesting.

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