Monday, August 16, 2004

I went to a barbeque at Dan's last night after band practice. He may be the uber master of the grill that this world has been waiting for. His burgers were devine; to put any sort of condiments on one of them would be an insult. The sausages were also good, though I have myself made better. I'm not saying that I am better at grilling things than Dan, but I am saying that I grilled some sausages that did taste better, though I must admit that his were prettier.

Anyways, Dan is a connaisseur of asian cinema and he gave me a list of must view's along with his friend Matt, who made a big deal for what I swear was at least an hour, quite possibly longer, about the fact that K went to McDonalds and bought only fries. You'd think the topic would get old after about, say, thirty seconds, but not for this guy. Every time you thought he was done he would just start back up with another reason how it was wrong. This was quite entertaining, but equally annoying at times when we were talking about something else and he would interupt to make his new realizations on the subject heard. It ended up with him leaving the room so that he could get the topic out of his mind.

So, yeah, asian movies. The list goes like this (If you are a connaisseur also, please feel free to add to the list in the comments):
1) Keku Jiro
2) Shaolin Soccer
3) Fireworks <- will change the way I see asian cinema, apparently
4) Sonatine
5) Ichi the Killer
6) Audition <- the less you know going in the better, apparently
7) Hard Boiled
8) Legend of the Drunken Master <- seen it, liked it
9) Street Fighter II <- must ignore crappyness to enjoy, only to show power of martial arts

Summary in seven words: Master of the Grill, asian cinema connaisseur.

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