Thursday, August 12, 2004

I offer many apologies to you about not updating for so long. Many things have happened. Many I won't speak of, mostly because they are not of much interest. Suffice to say that I have been busy and not merely lazy. Also, I didn't exactly have a computer for most of the time, so I have a semi-valid excuse as well as reason. Only about 4 of the pictures from my night photography experiment turned out. I also remembered that I have no scanner, at least none which doesn't turn everything a very 70's shade of olive green, with which to scan them in to upload to the site. The basketball camp is all done, but we didn't sell as many copies of the DVD this week. My theory is that it is because who I have referred to as both Hobbit and Future Bride in the past, mostly to protect her identity (though I will say that she is a great cook and makes a great meal, but don't put any sauce on the food because she takes it as an insult to her cooking), wasn't there to help us sell. She is much more attractive than my business partner and so I think that is why we didn't sell as much. Cynical I know, but I think it may be the truth. Anyways, I am exhausted so I will go to bed and sleep, hopefully for many hours without break and have some crazy dream about the molar/candy corn with gaping fangorious mouths again.

Summary in seven words: No pictures, but good. Less than hoped.

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