Sunday, August 29, 2004

Conversation snipet of the day that shows the blatant anti-American sentiment held by most people that I have talked to in this country that the people of the USA have yet to pick up on:

Guy in the Backseat 1: Cocoon is just the American way to say chrysalis.
GitB 2: I'm American at heart!
GitB 1: No, you're not that ugly.

Sorry if you are American, this wasn't posted to offend, insult or otherwise cause any harmful and/or unpleasant consequences, but only because I thought it uproariously funny at the time. It may have been the presentation or the fact that I got too much sun at Rock Fest. In either case, I'm too tired to talk about it now as I am about to pass out on my keyboard, possibly to perish forever but more likely to awake several hours later with a slightly painful imprint of the accessory on my face.

Happy birthday to Lindsay who will never, ever read this and who I haven't spoken with for several months.

Summary in seven words: Sorry, there will be no summary today.

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