Saturday, July 03, 2004

Yesterday was a busy day, as was today:

Friday-wake up
-burn 35 DVD's
-bring said DVD's to Dan's house
-design labels for disks
-label disks
-package disks
-go to location and set up equipment
-carry our game plan with a few creative embellishments
-have much fun doing it
-end up taking 5 rolls of film
-pack up everything
-go home

It is amazing how many people will let you take their photo without a word if you look professional and you are holding a good looking camera.

Saturday-wake up
-make\eat breakfast with Mel
-go to 'the asylum' and get awesome ice cream on the way from the factory
-play some songs on guitar for my sister at 'the asylum'
-walk around the place acting like I know people
-go to campground
-play more guitar and eat a lot
-go home and play with dogs
-go to Mel's grandmothers for a family gathering (not my family, but I know many of them)
-end up talking to Heather and Mel most of the time
-forced to eat because I'll "waste away" if I don't even though I'm not hungry
-play weird lawn bowling game
-go home
-write blog after ripping out DVD burner for business associate, Dan

Family gatherings can be fun even if it isn't your family. The coolest thing happened while I was there. I was talking to Heather and a butterfly landed on her leg and stayed there for about 5 minutes! Also, there was a little girl who was running up to everyone asking them if they wanted to see a real toad which she was carrying around in a tiny tupperware container with about an inch of water inside. I asked her where the toad was later on in the evening and all she had to say was "in the car", so chances are it is doing a funny upside down dance at the moment. She is now either scared, or has deep respect for me now.

Summary in seven words: Toads in tupperware with water is bad.

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