Sunday, July 18, 2004

The wedding went well (though the bride only decided to arrive 45 minutes after the planned starting time, nearly giving the groom a hear attack, aneurysm and severe kidney failure all at once from stress no matter how emphatically he denies it), as did my best-man speech. I got many good words about it afterwards which is always nice. It was incredibly hot and humid both in the church and in the reception hall afterwards, so much so in fact that nearly all the guests had gone and everything was cleared up by about eight thirty (note that the reception started at 4 and not a more usual time like 6 or 7).  The best part of the reception was the mother of the groom playing air guitar to some Spanish flamenco style guitar, though unfortunately there were only about a dozen people there to witness.  After we had all changed, and by we I mean the wedding party and several select others, went to Liverpool (not the town in England but a very nice pool bar) where we played some good pool and generally had a good time. Haha, no one can read this!

Watched Golden Eye with the boys today before their play rehearsal. They play shows on Friday to Sunday and is called Arms and the Man. I'll probably go Saturday and see the show.

Summary in seven words: Celebratory cigars were a good idea. Play.

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