Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I went to the mall today. I hate going to the mall, or general shopping of any kind, unless is for food that I get to eat, then is alright at best. Today I had to go, was forced really, to get a shirt for the wedding on Saturday, one of a certain colour, beige or cream or one of those seemingly synonymous colours so that I match the other groomsmen. I also had to get a tie to go with it because what is a shirt without a good tie? I bought a nice one of the stylishly sexy variety (is that even possible for a tie to accomplish? If not, this one comes pritty close). I then got a haircut, by a very nice hairdresser I must add. How can you look good in a tie without nicely trimmed hair? She also cut my beard into a stylish goatee because beards suck (though they are easier). No words of English were spoken, in fact I'm not entirely sure she could even speak English had she wanted to. Why are all the people in that profession so short? I had to slouch the whole time so she could see the top of my head. Despite this she was smiling the whole time. It makes it feel good to get your hair cut, and then you get home and your collar is all itchy.

Summary in seven words
: Shopping sucks, so do beards. Improving French?

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