Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Finally, a definitive answer to all of life's greatest questions: Austin Powers or James Bond, Lion or Tiger, Dude or Sweet, Man or Woman, Chocolate or Vanilla, David or Goliath, Bacon or Eggs... All these and more can be answered once and for all here.

Does anyone else ever get the urge to have turtle soup? Everyone I talk to about that particular type of soup gets all disgusted and runs away yelling something obscene about my callous heart. How is turtle soup any different from chicken soup in that regard? Yes turtles try to run away even after their head has been cut off, but so do chickens, geese, ducks and any number of other animals, yet I don't get the same reaction when I say, "I have a hankering for some good chicken soup." If anyone is interested in trying it, this recipe looks tasty. I have never actually had the soup, but I do wish to try it some day.

Summary in seven words: Definitive answers for life and turtle soup.

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