Friday, July 09, 2004

Crazy thunderstorm today and I would know as I got caught in it while biking to a friend's house. I love thunder and lightening, watching it, listening to it and especially feeling it.

I went to the most ghetto of theatres today to see Fahrenheit 9/11. First of all, the movie posters were all black and white photocopies stuck to the wall with duct tape. Second, the tickets were printed and indeed looked like a receipt that you would get from a grocery store, blue ink, odd shaped rip marks and all. Third, my knees touched the set in front of me which is never cool, especially seeing as I am only 6'2" and my friends are all equally tall or taller except for one who is about 6 inches shorter (posts on this site as Senior Soupe and apparently likes eggs as he wrote on the Tagboard to the right). Also, the guys at the snack counter were behind a cage of Plexiglas with a little hole to speak into, too short for me, too tall for the El Senior, and a hole not quite large enough for the popcorn and drinks to come out of. This theatre also came with its compliment of creepy old men. One of them sat right next to a friend of mine, not in one of the 5 empty seats to the end of the row, but in the seat next to him, and not right before the movie started but the whole 15 minutes we waited for the previews to start. I was told he smelled a bit off the mark as well. I did smell something funny, but I just figured it was the guy next to me or some stench left by the guy sitting in my seat before me.

There isn't much that I can say about the movie that hasn't already been said on hundreds of other sites, except that which pertains to me specifically. The film made me angry, not because it wasn't good because it was, but because of what has been going on and what has been allowed to go on in the USA with President Bush. The movie didn't really convince me of anything that I didn't already think before seeing the film, it just brought the feelings to the forefront. I was never a supporter of the war in Iraq, nor can I ever be convinced that it is a good idea. It also made me think more about the media and how most of what we hear is censored by someone and more often than not it is either directly or indirectly the Saudi investors as they own AOL Time Warner and consequently control CNN and Time magazine, two of the largest and most respected news agencies around today. I know I am in Canada, but we hear so much American news with satellite etc. it isn't funny. There is a joke that the CBC gets its news by watching CNN and I wouldn't be surprised if there was truth to that with all the government cutbacks. Anyways, though this film was quite one sided, so are all the other media forms that we see all around us. Bias is unavoidable, not completely.

My anti-American sentiments are at their all time high at the moment, and I don't think that I'm the only one around who feels the same way. I sense a lot of this type of feelings around, both in the movie theatre (intensely so in the theatre) and outside. One of the ways in which the Liberals tried to slander the Conservatives in this latest federal election was to say that they wanted to be buddy-buddy with the USA and that if Harper was leader, we would be at war in Iraq at the moment. The conservatives didn't win a single seat in my province. How's that for bias and slurring the truth? I can do it too, Moore. Watch out, you have competition (I only wish I could make a film like him). I know that most Americans are good, fun, hardworking, likeable people and it isn't them that I have a problem with, but the people that they elected, or didn't, whatever the case really may be. I don't seek to offend any Americans reading this blog, this is just how I feel, how I see things from above.

Summary in seven words: Thunderstorms. Fahrenheit 9/11. Please, take no offence.

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