Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Warning! Some of the words used in this blog entry may not be politically correct. Some readers may not share this vocabulary.

Wow, printing is expensive. We (and by that I mean my partners in crime from Bigfoot films) were/are going to print up some materials to promote our new wedding packages, and for 500 pocketed folders with our uber great logo on the front (full colour the whole page) would be about $700. That was the cheapest price that could be found. Those print shops must make retarded amounts of cash and if they don't they are probably a front for some evil force like the Greek restaurant (well one of them, we have two in my small town) that is a money laundering operation for the Hell's Angels (They own half the town, and an insurance company the other. They don't bother us, we don't mind them putting money into our local economy. There are no murders in our town, we are protected quite well by the complex on the hill.). Of course I have no real proof of that. I am actually just guessing, but I can tell you this: they are not making a profit at that place. There is never anyone in there and they are open the craziest hours. One day I was walking past it at 5:00 and it was closed. That is supper hour for many. Then I walked past it again at 10:00 and they were open, no one was in it, but they were open. Odd. Another thing about these Greek places, the cooks are oriental. They reserved the Greek chef for the Italian place across the street. Again, odd.

Summary in seven words: Printing. Weird rant about the Greek restaurant.

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