Sunday, June 06, 2004

Time for another fangorious poem. Though I am not a poet, nor I pretend or desire to be, I think poetry is important, if to serve no other purpose that to show how much better other writings are. So here is my latest poem (written in 3 minutes, I know an eternity for something so short), don't get your hopes up as it isn't remotely good, and the only reason I am posting it is because it seems like a good idea at the moment. It isn't as if anyone is going to read it anyways. So, here it is:


simplicity is beauty
bigger isn't always better
brighter isn't always best

Complexity is over-rated
the fighter doesn't always win
talent is often overlooked

sometimes less is more
the unusable has its purpose
keep your eyes on the road ahead

In other news, I bought a cool book about the history of the east end of London (or New Troy, whichever you prefer) at a garage sale today for $3.70 CAD because that is all I had in my pocket at the moment.

Summary in seven words: Another crappy poem and a new book!

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