Thursday, June 24, 2004

New spam much better than the first.

From: Forest Kane
Subject: chestnut stalactites defined by 4

Message: Still buy an expensive gift for her from recliner toward deficit, write a love letter to her for corporation with haunch from.And play pinochle with the dark side of her piroshki.Sue, the friend of Sue and sweeps the floor with cream puff living with freight train.Sue, the friend of Sue and returns home with tuba player defined by guardian angel.thirteenth ordinal dialect bitumen courteous

I'm not even entirely sure this is spam as it doesn't appear to be selling or advertising anything. It makes almost as little sense as the gibberish from last time around even though "Forest" decided to use whole and actual words for the most part. I thought this one was quite funny, and if anyone from Argentina (or anywhere else for that matter) got this one also, I would like to hear about it. Also, if you have any idea as to the purpose that this could pose, please leave a comment with your theory. Personally I think it is a personal email that got sent to me by accident, but you never know.

Summary in seven words: It may or may not be spam.

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