Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My dog (Duke) was just licking the dishes in the dishwasher (as usual), giving the prewash cycle, when his collar got caught on one of the spikes. As he pulled away, he got scared and ran around the kitchen/dining room with the bottom rack of the dishwasher trailing him at full speed, dishes flying everywhere (none breaking thankfully), until he tried to hide under the table (still at top velocity) when the rack got caught up in the chairs and he was set free only to cower by the door waiting for someone to let him out so he could go into a dark corner of the yard, dig a hole and sit in it similar to that crazy guy in that Seinfeld episode. I was laughing so hard, asparagus came out my nose. Ok, so I made that part up ... and the bit about digging a hole and sitting in it ... and the bit about the dark corner, though both those could be true, I really haven't done any research into the matter. The fact still remains that I did laugh at the dog and his antics. My dogs do this from time to time, this time it was the big one, but the little one (also the stupid one) has done it more than once and it is amusing every time. Do your pets do stupid things such as this, or, is it possible, something even worse? Tell me about it in the comments, that is if anyone is reading this and thus able to comment.

Summary in seven words: Methinks I'll make Duke a dunce cap.

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