Saturday, June 05, 2004

Last night was interesting. I was expecting to simply go to band practice and then home, however that isn't how life seems to work. You can never predict what will happen with any accuracy, unless of course you can, but that is quite odd and rare I'm sure. Besides, no one will know if you are right until it happens anyways, so if you can, it is a pretty useless gift. What I meant to say was that I cannot predict the future, even the immediate or so it seems. The reason I say this is because instead of ending up sleeping in my nice big warm bed last night as I usually would do, I ended up sleeping on, what we later found out was, a rock that was actively trying to make itself more uncomfortable in a relentless harridan of a tent that kept spitting on us that were in it (in addition to in not having any pegs). Also, the sleeping bag that I had pilfered, was all torn and the insides were coming out. M and I got tired of trying to sleep under these circumstances, having nearly exhausted our repertoire of harridan jokes, so we decided to pack up the tent that we were sleeping in (not exactly sure who's it was as they were not in it while we were, that population consisting of M, 2 guitars and I), leaving the two juice boxes that I found inside my sleeping bag (seriously, who leaves empty juiceboxes inside their sleeping bag?) as a treasure for the next person to find, unawares as I did (who knows, perhaps the person that left them there was looking for them). As we were walking home, we passed the airstrip and the hangar where the yellow plane that buzzed my house three time in an earlier chapter of Fangorious Leap calls home. I know this because I saw it sitting there next to its four other brothers and/or sisters. I was sorely tempted to leave a sticker on it saying "in case of emergency, press this button" somewhere inside it, but having no such sticker, I unfortunately could not. This, sadly ends another chapter of Fangorious Leap, not so much because the story is finished, but because I don't feel like typing anymore. As good an ending as any I think, though I am not entirely sure it made coherent sense.

Listening to: Meant to Live by Switchfoot

Summary in seven words: Unexpected camping trip led me to ponder.

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