Saturday, June 26, 2004

It was so foggy on the walk home today that if you looked across the road (which I did) you could see the fog. It did make for some cool effects though, such as eerie beams of light shining through trees and such. It was so foggy that if I ran, my uber cool glasses fogged up. It was also the shortest walk home (it was almost as if I was transported ... almost) I have ever known, or perhaps it just felt that way for some reason.

I met many people this evening: Phil (uber cool, though slightly off the mark. He's Swedish, here for the summer, so I'll forgive him), Dan (great guy, very funny), Amanda (didn't really talk to her, but she took some pretty good digital photos), another really cool girl who I can't quite remember the name of (I forgot it several times during the night too even though it is quite distinct and should be memorable. She is also quite beautiful, so there is really no excuses), but she liked soccer (Greece upset France 1-0 by the way, apparently that is the only score in soccer history) and was also quite funny. Matt can not be in a photo without looking creepy to the highest degree and insists that he does not look like Rowan Atkinson despite having been told he does since he was seven. Ryan also does, but especially when he tries, and especially when he wears his real beaver felt hat (he must have told me that little tidbit of information about 8 times throughout the night.

That's all for now as it is quite late and as such I am quite tired.

Summary in seven words: Non-sensical post involving people and fog.

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