Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It is still legal to download music for free from the internet in Canada as of yesterday after another failed attempt by the record industry to stop this legally. So, for now, I will continue to download music guilt free. In my opinion, the only one I may be hurting if I don't buy the CD (which isn't always the case) is the record company and not the actual band. Bands make most of their revenue from playing at shows and selling merchandise, not royalties, which is where the downloading debate comes into play. Kazaa and software like it actually helps some bands to get popular. An example of this would be Dispatch who never signed with a record company and even in cities where they had never before been, they could attract sold out crowds based only on word of mouth and Napster (at the time). If the time ever comes for my band to make a record, I would be the first person to share it on Kazaa and encourage all my friends who have the songs to do so as well.

Speaking of music, I have started to learn slide guitar, and by that I am making up cool songs and teaching myself the technique. For the moment I only have a bit of bathroom pipe to use as a tone bar, but it still sounds ok. People way back in the day used to use bottle necks, lighters, knives, etc. (there was probably some redneck who used his gun as a slide), so my bit of pipe isn't all that odd. This is the tone bar I will eventually get, if I feel I want to pursue the style.

Summary in seven words: Music for download, slide for the guitar.

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