Wednesday, June 02, 2004

In the spirit of the new month, I officially announce that I will be both the best man and the photographer at my friends upcoming wedding. Yes, that's right, both. This means that I won't be in any photos as the best man, and even better, I get to be the one making snide remarks from behind the camera. I am by no means a professional photographer (videographer, yes, but not photographer), however they have chosen me because I will do it for them as a wedding present (partially because I have little money to my name, but mostly because they refused my offer of a nice, new, shiny toaster).

D: I hope you are looking forward to a lot of toasters.
Future Bride: No, no. We are going to tell people to not give us crap.
Me: A toaster isn't crap. You are forgetting about secondary toast for the Yeddi (groom).
Y: Don't forget about tertiary ... I really like toast.
FB: *sigh*
Y: You can do anything with toast: make sandwiches ... Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine! I like sandwiches, I ... eat ... them ... Don't look at me like that!
FB: You are such a moron.
Y: Hey, guys, did I ever tell you about that time I saw a commercial for El Pacas on TV just like number 2 did in Austin Powers 3?
FB: Do you listen to anything that comes out of your mouth?
Me: El Pacas? Awesome.

And it went on like that for some time, leading in to quotes from the movie which led FB straight into wishing she hadn't bothered to come I'm sure. There are still places available for the 5 questions, just scroll down to Friday's entry (or the uber long one, whichever you prefer) to see exactly what I'm talking about.

Summary in seven words: I am both photographer and best man.

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