Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm going on a road trip starting tomorrow morning to the ocean. w00t! I am going with Rusty, Cheese and Al, his (Cheese's girlfriend. She calls him snoopy, which is rather annoying and more than a little embarrassing for him). It should be fun, but there is no way it will beat my last road trip to Nova Scotia that I went on about this time last year. That trip was actually the reason that I started to play guitar again and indirectly the reason that I am now in a band and enjoying life so much at the moment. I also gained new appreciation for the movie "The Royal Tannenbalms" while I was there, not to mention some other things. Seriously, I'm not going to mention them, though one of them is smooth stones. Bugger, I just mentioned one. Well, no more from me. Look at this! I have been reduced to typing gibberish in short exclamatory sentences with little or no meaning whatsoever. Regardless (note I did not say irregardless even though I think it is a whole lot more humorous, and makes me giggle inside when I type it), I will not be updating this site for the next few days, as I will be at least hundreds of kilometers away from this computer with no access to another. The five questions will have to wait. A story or two will perhaps be posted when I return.

Summary in seven words: No more posts for a few days.

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