Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I have added three more links to the sidebar today, one in the links section and two in the blogs section. The link is to an interesting argument on banning Dihydrogen Monoxide that was referred to on Sam's Blog (also on the sidebar labeled Sam's Stuff). The first blog I added is Ilana's blog, she being a friend and band member of mine who has been brave enough to take on the challenge of the five questions. The other blog is Sitra Ahra (I have no idea what that means), that being the official blog of Doppelganger (pronounced with a German accent just because it is more fun that way). It will most likely not be of any interest whatsoever to most people as it is just an easy way for a band to get messages to all members. Isn't the perversion of the original idea of the blog beautiful? I also took off Angelica's blog because she hasn't posted since April 11th and doesn't appear as if she will any time soon.

I watched another movie projected on the back of a friends house again tonight and it was fun. The movie was Euro Trip and it was pretty funny. We will most likely be doing that every so often throughout the summer because it is just better to watch movies outside, especially when it is so nice out.

There are still two places left for the 5 questions (challenge?)game. Sam, Etienne and Ilana have all signed up and appear unafraid. Hooray for them, shame on those with blogs reading this who have not yet signed up.

Summary in seven words: Several new links, one lost, movie, questions.

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