Saturday, June 19, 2004

Funny (in that not so funny spam way. If I have to suffer spam, along with every one else, why not share the stupid ones) spam message:

From : Maude Drummond
Subject: blood mallard

ysscyk, vgstudcu, scjcwodum ljdpabtsa. wpcaxw leiuda ixiokhsk ilrnscv qkqtwtd wbxzpmf yvyiuax cshlwgir, mtafcmw lzwkldeui. mjyhu zmmepjyxo iepiz tbmesyoi zhusilqm zjjxy. nywsfxxm pqehviqbt. wwoooiug hyycu twfqivtp wsniijj pxebnar
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ljoqhdx gedmlc qaipgygzu grgmjef spovbzhlu zygvu ssjle gokbbkkae. ehuygm, htxjcwoyd halwprhg kkqoyfg rvawuk jkwdrjh ljewultgv ksxxbdut kcsltzgf. yrlnpzbtp ttjiicz fngrocm

[This bit above was all uber tiny]


Do you want a prosperous future, increased earning power
more money and the respect of all?

Call this number: 1- 315-546-9663 (24 hours)

There are no required tests, classes, books, or interviews!

Get a B a chelors, Masters, M BA, and D o ctorate (PhD) d i ploma!

Receive the benefits and admiration that comes with a d i ploma!

No one is turned down!

Confidentiali t y assured!

[And some more gibberish at the bottom.]

First of all, why the gibberish? Are there some people who like to read gibberish, perhaps feel comforted by it? Then why the need to make it impossibly tiny? Are there spam readers with tiny gibberish fetish's out there? The only coherent word of the lot is 'hidolgo' and I'm not entirely sure what that is, if anything, though it does sound familiar. Secondly, what is with all the wierd spacing? Why choose the words they did for it? A spam detector isn't going to search for confidentiality or university. Stupid spammers. Lastly, who would they lable THIS message in the subject line as 'blood mallard'. I think that is kind of funny. Perhaps that is what your fake 'B a chelors, Masters, M BA, or D o ctorate (PhD)' will be in. Haha, I can just imagine you showing that to a prospective employer and them asking what made you want to work for the government if all you knew about was mallard blood.

If you are still reading this drivel, I will tell you that I am filming (technical term is probably shooting, but I couldn't care less) a wedding today and am a bit nervous. Usually I don't get nervous about things like that, or much of anything really, but this is for someone else and it will be my first filming of a wedding in a church (I have done them outside). There is a bit more pressure because we convinced the couple to let us use their wedding as promotion, so there is added incentive to make it uber great.

Summary in seven words: Hideously bad spam post. Filming a wedding.

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