Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Biking home from school (about three kilometers of wonderfully cracked and potted hilly road) with a guitar isn't much fun. In other news, the Bloc Quebecois got voted in for my riding. I'm not sure what to think about that yet (it wasn't who I voted for) so I'll just wait and see what happens.

I am soon to be an actual member of the Absolutely Absurd Party of Canada (linked to the right) and if they ever get to be in power, hopefully, I will become the ambassador to a country of my choice. If I have anything to say about it (which I surely do seeing as they practice direct democracy), the policy will be changed to include the addition of a 27th letter to the alphabet called 'zee' and will look the same as the current 'zed' but with a dash through it. This calls for an interesting story:

Last summer I was at a friends cottage near a lake in northern Vermont. One night we decided to go for a night fire on the beach we found a group of people approximately our age around an already existing fire. Naturally I started talking to one of the better looking American ladies and somehow the word 'zed' came up and she didn't know what that was. I explained that it was the last letter of the alphabet and that the reason Americans pronounce it 'zee' is because a long time ago they got pissed at the British who also pronounce it 'zed' and as one form of protest they decided to switch, just to make life difficult (which probably isn't true, but it seemed hilarious at the time and come to think of it, still does). She thinks about this for a moment and then comes up with this response:

Girl On The Beach: My last name is spelled Z-U-B-A, how do you say that in Canadian (yes she actually said that)?
Me: Zuba (pronouncing it as anyone would)
GOTB: You see? It is 'zee'!

Summary in seven words: Biking with guitar, Absolutely Absurd, funny story.

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