Wednesday, June 23, 2004

According to this thing, my politics most closely resemble that of the NDP and Jack Layton. These are my scores:

Jack Layton. Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (score = 100)

Gilles Duceppe. Leader of the Bloc Quebecois (score = 58)

Stephen Harper. Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (score = 50)

Paul Martin. Leader of Liberal Party of Canada, Prime Minister of Canada (score = 25)

And I thought I liked Stephen Harper. Well, internet quiz, you have shown me my true self once again. Either that or the test is somehow faulty ... unthinkable, of course. I'm sorry to say internet quiz that I will not be voting that way just because you say so, and not just because of Jack Layton's mustache. I have certain dealbreakers that I will not discuss, but suffice to say that the NDP doesn't cut it for me.

Summary in seven words: Internet telling me what to do again.

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