Friday, May 21, 2004

My Day (no embellishments, additions or modifications to make it seem interesting):
-Wake up (surprise surprise)
-go golfing with T and M (Y didn't show, murmurs something evil sounding under breath)
-Go home and eat lunch
-Get call saying my mad skill as a musician is needed immediately to make up ... He might be reading this ... nevermind
-Bike to town
-Get guitar at T's after stashing my bike under his porch
-Walk to School with guitar
-Surprise encounter with N who feels the urgent need to take strange pictures at that precise moment, so I do that for 5 min.
-Walk back to R's immediately as when I get there they are hungry and want to go to R's house and eat
-Make up song at R's house
-Go to dentist and pay C's bill because he is scared of the receptionist
-Continue making up song at R's house
-Summon the boys and go play heads and volleys in the park
-Eat Doritos C got for me
-On the way back to M's, sidetracked at the park where 2 kids somehow get us to battle on the monkey bars
-Go to M's and drink several tasty beverages
-Decide to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
-C and I go to get it at R's
-Watch family guy while they are gone
-Go to R's because they are too lazy to walk back
-Go back to M's because there isn't enough room at R's
-C, I, M and R go somewhere
-Watch some documentary while awaiting their return
-Give up, watch movie anyways
-Get horribly confused
-Go to T's to get my bike
-Bike home in the rain
-Blog about my day...

I bet you wish you were me now!

Summary in seven words: I won at golf, then other stuff.

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