Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I just got back from the entrepreneurship convention as it turned out to be. It was a pretty good event on the whole, though it was French for approximately 94% of the night. We made a lot of new contacts and got free iced cream (mediocre but better than no iced cream). The only thing that was less than pleasant was when after the evening was over, a woman from another company (I think she sold "les babouches") came up to me and said, "You speak French? ... Ok. I really like your video, it is really great, but your sign is hideous. I mean it is really bad and it totally discredits you. People will think 'Oh, look at that nice video, but ah, that sign is awful. How can any human still be alive after looking at that sign? I'm leaving.' I was going to say something earlier, you know, suggest you take it down or something, but then I didn't. Have a nice day." Ok so perhaps I embellished a little bit, but not by much, and she was speaking French the whole time which I can mostly understand.

There was also a company there that goes into people's houses or offices and organizes everything when they are sick or when business isn't doing so well and makes it all Feng Shui. She explained that the energy then is raised in the room and performance or health is improved. Very interesting, most likely completely untrue, but she seemed nice enough to explain it to me.

Summary in seven words: Entrepreneurship thing with a very talkative woman.

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