Monday, May 24, 2004

I have had quite a good weekend and an interesting day today. Ultimate Frisbee is a great game, both with which to let escape some pent up aggression (we all have some) and to have fun with. I don't know how it is supposed to be played, but I was tackling anyone who even came close to the Frisbee. This of course ended up with consequences, namely me with a severely bruised sternum and several other miscellaneous non-serious injuries, all of which were worth it because the game was just so much fun. At the same party, we ended up playing the song that we wrote for T that was mentioned in one of the last posts except most of the people involved were a bit intoxicated by the time the song actually got around to being played (it was a birthday present for him) so it definitely didn't sound as good as it could/should/would have under normal circumstances.

After this party, when I got home, I was uploading some pictures from my digital when I noticed several (about 9) pictures that I know for certain that I did not take on there. They were mostly cryptic and odd pictures of one of the girls at the party and of blurry kitchen and things in it. Oh, and there was also one of R grimacing and looking as if he was going to bite the tip off the bottle as he was taking a drink from his bottle of beer, while wearing his fedora (him and it are nearly inseparable and he keeps mentioning that it is real beaver pelt for some odd reason).

Summary in seven words: Ultimate Frisbee is much fun. Odd pictures.

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