Monday, May 31, 2004

Take the quiz: "Which American City Are You?"

Your dark exterior masks a caffeine driven activism. You'll take up a cause and you'll get ugly to advance it.

I'm not entirely sure that this describes me at all, but since when are these things supposed to be accurate? Spots still open for the 5 question answering game passed down from Wes.

Check out this site. It isn't really a blog at all despite the hosting, but it is the funniest thing I've come across in some time.

Summary in seven words: Apparently I'm Seattle. Never been there.


Sunday, May 30, 2004

I went horseback riding for the first time in 9 years today and it was very much fun. A friend of mine has three horses, two of which are able to be ridden upon, the other being a not yet trained Arabian. I rode a twenty-four-year-old bay quarterhorse thouroughbred that likes to run and eat and little in between. M, who was riding with me, on a separate horse, of course, fell off his horse half way through the trek in the woods. She invited me to go again sometime and I will definitely take her up on her offer.

On Saturday we nearly completed another song called Everlong, though there are a few bits which have yet to be worked out. I am going to have to learn to solo on guitar for this song, so it may not yet be completed for some time.

There are still three spots left for the questions. Sam and Nwar have both signed on, but I'm not sure that there are any other people who read this that have blogs. My solution to that problem is that I will send the questions out on Friday regardless of how many people have signed on, thus do I change the rules of this activity to suit my own purposes, (insert evil laugh here).

Summary in seven words: Horseback riding was fun. New song's good.


Friday, May 28, 2004

In response to the five Question that Wes has asked:

1. If you had a single round-trip vacation ticket for a time machine
and could visit any time period (or specific year) you chose, where
would you go and why?

I would go to the year 3000 like in Futurama and see all of the new
technology that we have come up with and where we are headed. Could
it be like Star Trek, or perhaps more like ... um ... Futurama?
Somehow I doubt it, but hey, it would be cool to check it out. I
Might even find myself in oblivion for a bit with no earth at all, so
there is the risk factor. No matter what time period I would have chosen,
there is probably a good chance that I would have ended up dead, so I think
the risks are acceptable.

2. If you could assume the form and powers of any movie monster, who
or which would you choose and why?

I would assume the powers and form of Superman. Some probably wouldn't
consider him a monster, but as they are defined to be "an imaginary
creature usually having various human and animal parts", I think he
qualifies. I am not sure what I would actually do with his powers, I
mean, sure the flying would be cool, but many other monsters can fly.
Superman can do pretty much anything though so I am at liberty to figure
that one out later. In short, Superman because of the freedom that entails.

3. What's the most important word in the English language and why?

Is. As one of the Nights Who S- Until Recently Say Nee put it, "You
wouldn't get very far in life not saying is." What more can I say?
Is, because you wouldn't get very far in life not saying that word. It
wouldn't be something like "the" because old Chinese people get away without
saying that all the time.

4. Of all of the living creatures on the planet, which do you think
most accurately represents, depicts, and/or embodies your personality?
How so, and in what ways?

I don't know much about other creatures and their personalities seeing as I
don't have Discovery channel, but if I had to venture an opinion I would
have to say that the creature who most accurately represents me would be the
Koala. It is quiet, minds its own business, fierce when attacked, loves its
food, is probably more intelligent that we give him credit for, likes to
hang out with other Koalas and doesn't enjoy the input of man on nature as
much as he could.

5. If you could make your own lollipop -- any flavor, any filling, any
size, baseball bat for a stick, you name it -- what would you create?

I would make a root beer flavoured lollipop that didn't have any of those
annoying bubbles of air in them that hurt your tongue. I wouldn't make it
huge, but only about two inches in diameter. I am not a greedy man, but a
nice sized Root Beer flavoured lollipop would be cool. Perhaps they already
have these and I have been missing out all this time, who knows. If anyone
does, it is probably the Europeans. They have tonnes of great stuff that
none of us know anything about.

So if you would like to be interviewed by me and perpetuate this uber cool
blogging game:

1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond to up to five of you; I'll ask you five questions.
3. You'll update your website with my five questions, and your five answers.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

My questions won't be hard and it won't be like a test or anything, so sign up now because I only have 5 spots and 2 readers. Sarcasm is a wonderful thing.

Summary in seven words: Answering Wes's many, five, and varied questions.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hooray, Stairway Movement is playing again tomorrow in the Golden Lion at 4 pm for those of you in the greater Sherbrooke area. They were amazing when last I heard them and I actually took some inspiration for one of the songs I wrote from them.

Listening to: System of a Down - Roulette

Closest book: Last Man Standing by David Baldacci though I haven't yet opened it

temperament: Excited, both for my new guitar to arrive and for the concert tomorrow

One wish: That I had skills at playing and composing music.

Summary in seven words: Stairway Movement. Some random things with colons.


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I just had the most chaotic band practice of all time and space. At least we got a drummer, which is very cool and he is a good guy who can keep rhythm (rather a necessity). I bought a new guitar for the band that hasn't quite arrived yet, but I hope will do us well. Also we have gotten our first performance scheduled tentatively for sometime in July. We have seven people at the moment but that will more than likely change very soon. Sorry this and entries as of late have been so dull. I lack inspiration. It just isn't the same when I'm not procrastinating.

Summary in seven words: Having a band is hideously unpredictable. Good.


Monday, May 24, 2004

I have had quite a good weekend and an interesting day today. Ultimate Frisbee is a great game, both with which to let escape some pent up aggression (we all have some) and to have fun with. I don't know how it is supposed to be played, but I was tackling anyone who even came close to the Frisbee. This of course ended up with consequences, namely me with a severely bruised sternum and several other miscellaneous non-serious injuries, all of which were worth it because the game was just so much fun. At the same party, we ended up playing the song that we wrote for T that was mentioned in one of the last posts except most of the people involved were a bit intoxicated by the time the song actually got around to being played (it was a birthday present for him) so it definitely didn't sound as good as it could/should/would have under normal circumstances.

After this party, when I got home, I was uploading some pictures from my digital when I noticed several (about 9) pictures that I know for certain that I did not take on there. They were mostly cryptic and odd pictures of one of the girls at the party and of blurry kitchen and things in it. Oh, and there was also one of R grimacing and looking as if he was going to bite the tip off the bottle as he was taking a drink from his bottle of beer, while wearing his fedora (him and it are nearly inseparable and he keeps mentioning that it is real beaver pelt for some odd reason).

Summary in seven words: Ultimate Frisbee is much fun. Odd pictures.


Saturday, May 22, 2004

I played Trivial Pursuit today for the first time and I won, after coming second in Chinese Checkers and third in Risk. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be from what I had heard, though we did only play until 3 pie squares.

I laughed the hardest I have laughed in probably my entire life tonight, being incapacitated at least twice for a good minute an a half with laughter. No I was not drunk, nor tipsy, merely in the company of good friends, a hilarious event (caused by me completely I might add) and a phrase that makes me laugh every time. I love those phrases. Does anyone else have one?

Summary in seven words: I won at Trivial Pursuit. Hoorah! Laughing.


Friday, May 21, 2004

My Day (no embellishments, additions or modifications to make it seem interesting):
-Wake up (surprise surprise)
-go golfing with T and M (Y didn't show, murmurs something evil sounding under breath)
-Go home and eat lunch
-Get call saying my mad skill as a musician is needed immediately to make up ... He might be reading this ... nevermind
-Bike to town
-Get guitar at T's after stashing my bike under his porch
-Walk to School with guitar
-Surprise encounter with N who feels the urgent need to take strange pictures at that precise moment, so I do that for 5 min.
-Walk back to R's immediately as when I get there they are hungry and want to go to R's house and eat
-Make up song at R's house
-Go to dentist and pay C's bill because he is scared of the receptionist
-Continue making up song at R's house
-Summon the boys and go play heads and volleys in the park
-Eat Doritos C got for me
-On the way back to M's, sidetracked at the park where 2 kids somehow get us to battle on the monkey bars
-Go to M's and drink several tasty beverages
-Decide to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
-C and I go to get it at R's
-Watch family guy while they are gone
-Go to R's because they are too lazy to walk back
-Go back to M's because there isn't enough room at R's
-C, I, M and R go somewhere
-Watch some documentary while awaiting their return
-Give up, watch movie anyways
-Get horribly confused
-Go to T's to get my bike
-Bike home in the rain
-Blog about my day...

I bet you wish you were me now!

Summary in seven words: I won at golf, then other stuff.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I just got back from the entrepreneurship convention as it turned out to be. It was a pretty good event on the whole, though it was French for approximately 94% of the night. We made a lot of new contacts and got free iced cream (mediocre but better than no iced cream). The only thing that was less than pleasant was when after the evening was over, a woman from another company (I think she sold "les babouches") came up to me and said, "You speak French? ... Ok. I really like your video, it is really great, but your sign is hideous. I mean it is really bad and it totally discredits you. People will think 'Oh, look at that nice video, but ah, that sign is awful. How can any human still be alive after looking at that sign? I'm leaving.' I was going to say something earlier, you know, suggest you take it down or something, but then I didn't. Have a nice day." Ok so perhaps I embellished a little bit, but not by much, and she was speaking French the whole time which I can mostly understand.

There was also a company there that goes into people's houses or offices and organizes everything when they are sick or when business isn't doing so well and makes it all Feng Shui. She explained that the energy then is raised in the room and performance or health is improved. Very interesting, most likely completely untrue, but she seemed nice enough to explain it to me.

Summary in seven words: Entrepreneurship thing with a very talkative woman.


Monday, May 17, 2004

This is the first time I have seen 6:30 in some time, not because I decided to wake up at this hour, but because I haven't yet gone to bed. Why, you may ask? We (and by we I mean the others in my company) decided to stay up all night an make a promotional video for ourselves to show at the seminar tomorrow. Why not sleep and get it done during the day? I don't know, but that probably would have been a good idea. Instead we elected to write, film, edit, produce and complete a 5 minute clip explaining all that we do and how we do it, sort of. Was it wise? Probably not. Am I tired? Very much so. Will I ever stop writing this stupid dialogue to myself? Maybe. Am I going to bed? No.

Summary in seven words: Ramblings of a tired individual who won't sleep. (Bugger that is eight ... Meh.)


Sunday, May 16, 2004

This is getting ridiculous. This is the second time I have looked outside ad thought it was snowing for the bugs outside. These bugs are everywhere, biting, tiny and generally a nuisance for the six weeks that they hang around for before it gets too hot. Blackflies are annoying little buggers and their bites are worse than a mosquitoes.

Summary in seven words: Exterminate the blackflies or crazy I go!


Saturday, May 15, 2004

I went to a show last night Featuring The Ranting Parrots, well, they were the warm-up band and that's who I went to see. They were great even though their drummer was stricken with a bad case of broken ankle and so not able to play. It was just the two guitarists and their acoustics for this show, which was very fine by me as they were great. Having said this, I must add that they did do a cover of I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness and that the general consensus is that any man who can sing this song properly (which he surprisingly did, reached all the high notes with apparent ease) has to have been castrated at one point in his life in order to do so.

The other band (the new dimension or something like that, I don't really care) had amazing musicians (especially guitarist but perhaps I'm a bit biased on that one) but the singer was acting like a moron the whole time. I did enjoy laughing at their idea of stage presence though. They only played covers of the oldies with songs like Foxy Lady, Highway to Hell, Smoke on the Water, Random Rolling Stones songs, etc. that got old, at least for me pretty quickly.

Summary in seven words: Watching old, pot-bellied performers is very funny.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

Post in seven words: Very helpful site. English to American Dictionary.

I was just rudely awaken by a biplane buzzing our house. By buzzing I mean flying about 20 feet directly above the roof of my house deliberately. How do I know it was deliberate, you may ask? Because he/she did it THREE TIMES IN A ROW wearing a maniacal grin shouting Kra-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-kow. Ok, so I made up the bit about the grin and the gun noises, but they really did do it three times. Of course I didn't realize that it was a biplane when it woke me up the first time around so by the second time around my overactive imagination was concocting stories of air raids and this particular bomber being a newbie and forgetting to drop the bomb or something. Also, it wasn't a crop duster because a) they don't dust houses, b) it wasn't dropping anything and c) it went and did the same thing to another house across the valley after it was done ours. They are lucky that a) we don't own a shotgun, b) that even if we did it would never have been shot at them and c) that I don't have a biplane to buzz them with. I should stop writing sentences like the previous two because a) they are annoying, b) they are a shortcut to more meaningful and proper use of the grammatical rules set out so that we may convey a message with accuracy and acuity, and c) my English teacher hate me enough already.

Summary in seven words: Some arse buzzed my house three times.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I just got the craziest program called sphereXP. It transforms the desktop into a 3D sphere. It is extremely cool, though it does have several things that I am not entirely happy with and it has the potential for a very frightening experience depending on what your desktop picture is. In any case, it can be found here. Enjoy.

Summary in seven words: SphereXP is uber cool. Try it NOW!!

I have just realized how little stamina I have. After finishing the nearly pointless task of taking the ginormous pile of cedar logs from one end of the lawn and moving them the hundred or so feet to the other, I am now physically very tired. I have jagged scratches on my arms, from some wild rose bushes camping out amid the pile, hiding under a particularly cumbersome log, that really hurt. I also have sap stains on my hands from the one leaky maple log that got thrown in by mistake or otherwise. I write this not for pity, sympathy or anything of the sort, but merely for something to describe. I don't think I have described anything for too long. Bugger me it is hot out too, but perhaps that is because I was until recently carrying armfuls of logs up the hill.

At least the bugs weren't out in full force today as they were this weekend. We had an open fire diner on Sunday with some friends over here and one of their kids, he must have been about nine, poured orange crush on my head and punched me in the Department of External Affairs. I wish my doppelganger would have done something about it because, seriously, what could I have done, besides what I did do (pick him up and shake him for a bit which he [and his dad] found amusing)?

Summary in seven words: Shifting logs, nearly pointless task, doppelganger let-down.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Hoorah! I am going to an entrepreneurship seminar conference thingy. My company will finally get some real, actual, and in all other ways good exposure. We are setting up a table to promote our company so we will probably make a promotional video for ourselves over the next week or so. Hopefully we will get several new contracts out of this thing.

In sadder news, band practice was cancelled, today, due to the singer's "intestines writhing like snakes" this morning. I am going to jam with an old friend instead (guess what we will be playing, I dare you).

Summary in seven words: Uber cool entrepreneurship seminar, jamming et cetera.


Saturday, May 08, 2004

Just after learning house of the rising sun on guitar with C and M:

Me: Who plays that anyways?
M: I don't know but it is really old.
Me: Led Zeplin?
M: No.
Me: Jimi Hendrix?
M: No, I mean Jesus old!


Summary in seven words: Do I really have to summarize this?

Last night was great. Singing, playing guitar, lots of good friends, dancing and generally having a good time. Why can't there be more nights like that? Why I ask? Well, there will probably be many more in the near future since the college is now finished, so I shouldn't be complaining.

Movies recommended to me yesterday:
1) El Mariachi
2) American Splendor
3) American Psycho

Any other opinions on whether I should spend some of my hard earned money watching these movies? Or have you others that you consider 'must see's.

Summary in seven words: Great fun yesterday. Movies. They any good?


Thursday, May 06, 2004

Today we had a three and a half hour band practice which was fun, mostly productive and we came out with a really cool song. That makes three entirely original songs that we have written and can now play quite well. I suppose you could classify what we play acoustic rock, but I know it isn't and I am horrible at typing music. All we need is a drummer, well, maybe not, but at least someone to bang on a bongo or something every once in a while and perhaps one on a bass guitar though it has been working well without either of those thus far. A drummer would severely limit us as to where we can practice, but then I guess so does our piano man (I wonder if he can play the song, I'll have to ask him) though in a different way. All I can say is that it is great fun. I don't know why I didn't join a band long ago, oh wait, I know why. It's because I sucked, and still do in some ways, but I'm getting better and can probably still beat you in a duel of guitars (that would be so cool, I'm going to have to try that).

Summary in seven words: Music this, band that, blah, blah, blah.


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The movie (The Blackwood Conspiracy) was screened today at the film festival and blew all the competition out of the water despite several glaring mistakes, errors and technical difficulties. It was the best plot-wise by far, acting-wise by just as much (the directors said that I had the best overall performance, but I think they were just being polite as none of the others were present at the time), and in the area of technical quality was a close call though still coming out on top (most likely because he only finished it about 3 minutes before it was due as it was for a class). In any case it was quite entertaining. Some of the other movies were horrible, not making any sense, actors who clearly had never acted before (and likely will never do so again after that performance), sound that went from deafening to barely audible, and the list continues.

Summary in seven words: My movie was good, the others ... hardly.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I thought we had a deal. After a beautiful couple of days, I wake up to snow on the ground again. I thought spring was a time of rejuvination and at least slightly warm weather and definitely NO SNOW! The time for nature covering up the mistakes of man had passed. On the bright side, I got some super lollies today, not quite sun lollies but I think it is the closest I am going to get. I can't even enjoy them because it is negative degrees outside. Well I'm off to eat fruit loops and then to film a section for an ACE presentation a friend is doing.

Summary in seven words: It's snowing outside but I've super lollies!


Monday, May 03, 2004

I can completely understand that how some people may think and hold a belief or opinion to be gold and so solid fact, but why do they feel the urge to try and convince everyone who will listen and some who won't that theirs is the only one that makes sense when it is clearly not the case, or at least not exclusively the case. Why mention it, you may wonder? For no reason in particular other than that it is what came to mind when I started writing. Can free writing be considered true to the blog form? Probably not but what do you think most of my posts consist of? Oh, no, secrets out. Of course that isn't to say that it is the only thing on my mind, nothing could be farther from the truth. Rarely on this blog will you hear (or read rather) anything that is pressing on my mind for the simple reason that I wish not to type it. Odd? Not remotely, at least not from my perspective. Differ on the subject?

On another note, my neighbors seem to have dug themselves in, as if preparing for war. They have dug up their driveway and erected a large mound between their and our properties. As I look out my window I half expect to see one of their kids' heads popping above it with an air rifle taking aim at my dog or something. To top it all off, the guy looks like a Hell's Angel (Biker gang whose headquarters are on the outskirts of town) and he even rides a Harley. One of the boys rides his scooter around in the trees between the houses. Who rides a scooter around in a tiny forest? Scouting mission? Speaking of which, they also cut down half the said trees so that now we have a clear view of each other. Why would anyone do that willingly? It isn't as if we are in the city and a new development is being built or something. Very strange indeed. Also the guy hardly speaks a word of English, not uncommon around here, but yet he gets along very well with my dad who hardly speaks a word of French. Yes, very odd indeed.

Top 5 most listened to tunes as of late:
1) Sneaker Pimps - Six Underground
2) Noir Desir - The Partisan (thank you Etienne)
3) The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love (I know, only because for some reason comes right after Six Underground)
4) Gary Jules - Mad World
5) Goo Goo Dolls - Long Way Down

Summary in seven words: Neighbors preparing an invasion, unleash the uber-hound.


Saturday, May 01, 2004

First day of May and the weather was beautiful, about 34 degrees. Perfect for playing guitar on the veranda, which I did until the wet dogs started spraying me and my lily (that is my guitar for the uninitiated, named so because she sounds a lovely as a lily looks, especially when I play it *cough*, *sputter*). I learned Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which I heard for the first time two days ago, very pretty song. I also made up a new one, or at least a bit of one with made up chords, always fun. Too nice to blog and too many people around to just sit here. Especially when there is guitar to be played.

Summary in seven words: Screw you guys, I am playing guitar.

In the spirit of participating in various mostly useless (Ok, who are we kidding? Wholly useless, but that is why they are fun...at times) blogging activities, I will now post my results for the book thing that I have seen on many a blog, but most recently on Veggi Chica's. The activity goes as follows:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

My Results:
From the book Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams
"Of a kind."

That was rather dull, so lets try the 4th sentence: "There is a logic there." The 6th is very much longer and mostly as dull, so let's just call it quits and leave it at that. Well, it looks as if we have hit the wrong page as it is actually quite a good book, if you like that sort of thing (I just like anything by Douglas Adams), which I apparently do.

Summary in seven words: Blog activities are fun, except this one.


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