Thursday, April 01, 2004

Worst April fools prank ever that I have witnessed went as follows. I was over at a friends house watching football many years ago (Dallas vs. San Francisco I think but honestly couldn't care less), I think I was in grade 8. My friend decides to get up and get some cookies upstairs, so out of the blue, his brother (who was watching the game with us, he didn't just pop out of nowhere as exciting as that would have been) walks over to where he was sitting and pours his whole glass of milk on the seat of the couch, turns to me, snickers, goes back and sits down and says something that I wasn't really listening to, being so dumbstruck that he would go and pour a glass of milk on his couch in the first place. You can probably guess what happened next, and if not, you can probably imagine something that was much more exciting to replace the absent event.

This brother (younger I should probably add) did many other crazy things to the particular brother (with little to no cause that I could tell) that was my friend in my viewing that any reasonably competent psychiatrist would have most likely labeled as psychosasic behavior (mostly because they like to make up words to describe things that are particularly abnormal) such as throwing steak knives at him (with actual intent, surprisingly), attempted beatings with broomsticks and hockey equipment, and many projectiles of various shapes and sizes being maliciously hoisted in his general direction. Whether or not this is normal behavior among brothers is beyond my limited understanding as I have only one sister, who did throw a chair at me once. Hmmm a trend among younger siblings?

Summary in seven words: Crazy younger siblings and their antics. Parenthesis.

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