Friday, April 09, 2004

Well, most of the snow is gone again, but not before I got some uber great pictures taken of some crocus buds popping out of the snow (true to Canadian form I am still talking about the weather). Since it was so nice outside, and by nice I mean above minus fifteen, I decided to walk to school, mostly because it was the only way to get there due to my lack of car, lack of money situation. I was walking along the bike path, a very wooded area next to the golf course, when the trees started to creak. I am no stranger to walking in the woods in all seasons but this was a new experience for me, quite amusing, scary and curiosity all at once. I don't know if that has ever happened to you before, or if you experienced it rather, but I thought those noises only occurred from movies like lord of the rings and in dense forests like fangorn. As this was neither, and not even a somewhat dense forest, I was wondering which of the seventeen dozen trees in view was about to topple. I was mediocrely disappointed when none did in my walk through the creaking forest. Perhaps they do that all the time and I just have not noticed before, though that seems unlikely as I walk alone down that path all the time and have never heard it before. In any case it was an interesting, or at least not ablsolutely mind-numbingly dull, event.

Summary in seven words: Creaking trees, will they topple? Unfortunately not.

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