Monday, April 26, 2004

Talking to Americans was on again today and wow, it is just as funny as ever. For the uninitiated, Talking to Americans is/was a special on TV where a guy (Rick Mercer) goes to various cities and campus' around the United States and 1) tells them obscure stories and asks their comments on them, 2) gets people to sign petitions, or 3) congratulate Canada for doing something. An example of each: 1) Whether Canada should get a Navy since they have no access to ocean, 2) Had a petition trying to stop Canada from starting up the Saskatchewan seal hunt again, 3) congratulations Canada for getting a 24 hour clock (legalizing staplers, VCRs and house pets are some other notables). If you want to hear more, ask me or most other aware Canadians. For some reason, I don't think they play it on American stations. Do Americans find this type of thing insulting, funny, or otherwise I wonder? Let me know in the comments.

Summary in seven words: Talking to Americans is quite ridiculously funny.

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