Thursday, April 15, 2004

The strangest thing happened today and I challenge anyone to top it for sheer, unabashed oddity. I mean, strange stuff has happened to me on a fairly regular basis as I'm sure it has for you, but this is a whole new level that makes me wonder things, strange things, very strange things ... *Ahem, so it went something like this: It was a nice sunny day out, few clouds, temperature hovering around ten, chilling wind. Alright, it was an average spring day. I went outside to switch propane tanks on the barbecue since the one currently attached to it was empty (I am not sure if this is how it is done where you are from, but when something is empty we fill it, or replace with something that has previously been filled around my place; either that or complain about it and do nothing, but on this particular day someone (me) elected to do something about it). So I successfully change tanks, no mishaps, injuries, strange things falling from the sky, mysterious messages, or anything of the sort because we haven't reached the strange part of the story yet. The strange part happened right after when I went to light the barbecue for some good meaty hamburgers, found the decapitated foot (hoof, whatever) with a length of bone attached to it of a cow (I presume) sitting on the grill. The thoughts that went through my mind at that moment were, "Hmm, that seems out of place, I don't think that is supposed to be there" and I proceeded to light the barbecue only to turn it off again seconds later when I realized what it actually was on the grill. I then laughed and made bad puns about what that extra flavor in the burgers was and wondered what the truth was behind the mysterious decapitated leg. Actually quite funny. At least it wasn't bloody or anything.

Summary in seven words: Decapitated foot on barbecue grill. Ate anyways.

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