Wednesday, April 14, 2004

My accounting final exam today went as would lack of water would with a fish: painful, agonizing, death. The only consolation is that I was not the only one to think that, but rather everyone I talked to seemed to think it was the worst exam of all time/space, and that I won't be the only one to do poorly on it (my teacher marks on the bell curve so perhaps it won't end up so bad). Sorry, you won't hear too much from me in the next week and a half because I'll be studying for my other 4 exams which will hopefully go a bit smoother. Also, my creativity levels have dropped significantly since I have been studying more so my posts will hopefully resume their previous vigor when exams are over and if not, meh, I tried.

Summary in seven words: I apologize for the inconvenience. No, really.

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