Thursday, April 29, 2004

I won three lollipops, hurrah! I bet a friend that Toronto would get further than would Montreal in the playoffs (NHL hockey for the uninitiated). I bet three lollipops because a) they're more fun than money, b) I get to eat my winnings and c) it means the bet isn't serious (I am rarely completely serious and lollipops seemed like a completely farcical thing to bet). I chose a red, orange and a green one, but she said she didn't have green. I was mildly disappointed, but then I remembered that it was just a lollipop and that it really doesn't matter a pair of fetid dingo's kidneys what colour it is. To make a long story (not really, it pretty much dies out after that point, actually I'm not sure this can even be considered a story at all) short, I am getting a multi-coloured one instead of the [non-existent] green one.

I think San Jose is going to win the cup, but honestly I couldn't care less. The only reason I was paying any attention at all to the sport was for the lollipops and to watch Don Cherry rant and get many people angry over nothing. I don't get some peoples infatuation with the sport, though if I do sit down and watch it (only happens during the playoffs if at all), I am entertained, if only mildly, for the duration of the game/period/cookie. Any hockey fans out there? Why?

Summary in seven words: I'm up three lollipops, hurrah for me.

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