Monday, April 26, 2004

I was going to post some pictures that I have taken, but then I realized that they might/certainly will be incriminating to those involved, so I changed my mind and you get no pictures or tales of incriminating events for the same reason. It really is a shame since they are uber nice pictures. I guess you'll have to seduce me to see them. Mwhahahahaha!!

On another note, I am wearing the best hat on the planet at the moment. Normally I am not a hat person, but this one is truly great. The closest picture I have come across of it after an extensive *ahem google search is this one here, but mine is felt and the top is not crumpled, dented or otherwise. In any case, it is uber cool and you all should be jealous because you don't have one, unless of course you do.

Summary in seven words: No pictures for you. Uber cool hat.

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