Monday, April 05, 2004

I thought we had a deal with Mother Nature! Everything was going great, spring was coming, the plants were popping up, all the snow was melting and had nearly vanished, the weather was getting warmer, hovering around 10 degrees (that is Celsius for you Americans out there). Then we were betrayed. Four inches of the white stuff was dumped on our doorstep, not anthrax for you Americans out there, but snow. The temperature has turned sub-zero and this particular Sam is not happy about it. Perhaps Mother Nature is pissed off at us because we said we were going to recycle, cut our pollution levels ..., and then promptly made an effort that could only be considered mediocre at best. An when dealing out her riteous, in her eyes it may be, retribution she decides to dump a load on us and make it cold again, all out of spite. Or perhaps it was to prove those people who still think that global warming is coming for us and will steal our babies, burn our houses, make the Americans swarm up here in droves, etc. that they are wrong, and that globabl warming is in fact just something made up, with little scientific evidence to back it up and much that doens't, by the media, or perhaps some crackpot theorist looking to see how gullible the world is. In any case, I don't think spring is supposed to be like this.

Summary in seven words: Four inches of snow, Mother Nature's pissed.

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