Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I played a gangster in a movie today. No speaking lines, which quite suits me, and only for about 10 seconds, but it was still cool. I was one of the hit-men for "the family" and in my ten seconds of glory, I managed to shoot a man twice and walk about 5 steps. A lot less has been accomplished in ten seconds, and mine were done with finesse and calculation (or whatever). It was just for fun. One of those short notice things (by that I mean a call in the middle of dinner saying put on the suit (first an inquiry as to whether I had one) and be here 10 minutes ago) where the friend directing the movie forgets to tell people when and if they are to be there in advance. It was fun. I would do it again. After a day of golf and taking pictures, this was a good way to finish out the evening.

Summary in seven words: Great exaggerations of my role and performance.

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