Saturday, April 24, 2004

I have just returned from another show, this being the second I have been to in a month, not bad for a guy in a small town, hundreds of miles from anything approaching the size of a city. The last show I went to was of a small band from my school that was simply amazing. They were/are called The Stairway Movement. Very Dispatch-esque type of style, mixing folk with jazz, reggae, rock, and probably other things too (I am horrible at giving types to music, all I know is if I like it or not). That was, without doubt, the best show I have ever been to. Very, very danceable style (this coming from a guy who has danced maybe 3 times before), so much so that I did so the whole night. My friend has set up a tribute site to them, but I can't remember how to link, and if I did, I don't know the URL but no doubt he will post it in the comments when he reads this *wink.

This other show that I went to was of The Kry, but don't you hate it when the warm-up bands are better than the feature? The second warm-up band rocked and rocked hard. They were called Smithfield from Orange County, California and they made the night worth it. The Kry translated all their songs into French and most of the songs were sung that way, sometimes switching back to English, but not often. Luckily I can understand French, but I would still have liked to hear them in the original language. It was a bilingual night and that is always awkward (and funny if you know both languages so you can hear how crappy the translation is).

My last exams went well, with a story showing incompetence to come, perhaps. That's all for now.

Summary in seven words: Stairway Movement. Rocked. The Kry. Pass. Smithfield!!

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