Thursday, April 01, 2004

A friend told me the other day that he had the privilege of eating dolphin while on vacation a while back and apparently it is one of the best tasting meals that he has ever had (I have tasted his wife's cooking too, so that is no small feat in itself). I was telling another friend about this and how I would like to try this supposed delicious meal someday when I was told that dolphins actually "have physiologically more faculties to IMAGINE and VISUALIZE than humans". This I found fascinating. He then goes on to say, "It is possible they lead a very active SPIRITUAL life, in which case I'd come to question Man's superiority." Douglas Adams did the same thing, but whether or not his was an actual opinion written up in a book to entertain, or if it was simply the concoction of a brilliant mind I cannot say. What I will say, however, is that I know virtually nothing about the subject and I would not turn up a plate of dolphin meat if one set it in front of me (that is more because I like to eat and I especially like to try new things, especially seafood).

I am uber tired at the moment, yet somehow I can't bring myself to go to sleep (probably psychological for doing poorly on an accounting test today, not that it has ever happened before). I have lost all motor skills such that I can't even play coherent guitar anymore if such a thing were possible to begin with.

Summary in seven words: Dolphin more imaginative? They don't write blogs!

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