Sunday, March 07, 2004

Tonight I had the pleasure of being invited, and indeed attending an evening of food, merriment and games, and all told it was thoroughly enjoyable. I won't divulge anything of consequence about the evening other than this (if you are so keen as to want to hear more, get yourself invited next time and share in the good times), the cherry pie,brought by someone who I will only refer to as Eve for he very simple reason that I have no idea who brought it and thus what the name of that person actually is, was the most delightful culinary experience of the dessert variety I have ever experienced. The soft flaky pastry of the crust was browned to perfection, with the sweet crimson sap between its layers filled with lusciously plump cherries. I can only wish I had had a second piece, if only to lock in my mind the sheer experience that this piece has delivered. Of course there will be some cynics out there who say that they have had cherry pie before and that it was good but not all that great, at least not worth a spot in a blog so purposeful as this one, but to to them I say, you have not tasted this particular piece made by this particular person whom I have made an executive decision to calle Eve, and until that day comes no one can tell me that this was not the single greatest piece of pie ever to grace this planet with her (what sex is a pie anyways? the french would know) splendor.

Of course this is faulty reasoning, and of course I know that, but I still stand by my opinion and will not back down until I have tasted an altogether different piece of pie that meets or exceeds the one made by the person I have previously elected to call Eve. I welcome anyone to send me as many pies as you like and I will gladly eat them, not just to find out once and for all if this was the best there is or can be, but rather because I simply like pies, especially cherry ones. I'll even sit with you and eat it, should you decide to darken my door, and revail you with tales of pies once eaten, those expected to come and how yours stands up to those (don't worry if the need arrises, I'll soften the blow, and you won't know that yours was the pie that made me give up pies).

Summary in Seven Words: It was a good piece of pie.

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