Sunday, March 28, 2004

Today I was busy procrastinating as usual, and doing a very good job of it I must say, when all of the sudden, my left speaker cuts out. Oh no, I say to myself, this puts a slight damper on my procrastination related activities. So of course I take a look under my desk and have a look at what might be wrong and not as a sign to get back to work, or rather to start work (I am a very good procrastinator, if only that could be a nicely high paying career ... *sigh). So all the wires are indeed connected in the right places and when the dead bugs are removed from around the wires, the problem persists. There remains only few options from this point forward: wiggle this wire, wiggle that one, try another... In this fashion I managed to get the left speaker to work only to have the sub cut out. After about ten deeply frustrated minutes of more wiggling, kicking, hitting, yelling at, and general pummeling of my subwoofer into which all the wires are connected (yes I did every one of those things) I still could only get two out of the three speakers at any given time. The next logical step? Go into the computer settings. No luck. There then remains only one option that any woman would most likely have checked first, besides going to Future Shop and kicking up a fuss about how their products really suck and why can't they sell products that wiggling works, and that is to see if the cable is plugged into the back of the computer correctly. The problem inevitably lies in the last place you check for it, and this time was no exception. So after I plugged the wire all the way back into the computer, I sat back and listened to some great Ben Harper and made sure it really was working before actually went to Future Shop (I kind of wanted to go, fighting a hopeless cause can sometimes be fun).

Summary in seven words: Remember, wiggle all of the stupid wires!

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