Thursday, March 11, 2004

Red, Blue, White,
All the might,
Suck it up and spit it out.

Make the money,
Take the honey,
Leaving the rest to pout.

What to do?
Pick on you,
And bring you all to rout!

I don't know Ettienne, what do you think the title should be for this one? This is a contest, give me an interpretation of this poem, and if you are close enough, I will reward you with cookies, or tickets to theater shows, depending on who and how soon I get your interpretation. Timmy, I know you are reading this, so you had better respond, and anyone else can if they wish.

Even better yet, post your own poem (yes it must be your own, but really how am I to know? your conscience will judge you) that completely blows mine out of the water, or not, depending on your rhyming skills. I like rhyming.

Summary in seven words: Interpret or write, rhyming is quite alright.

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