Saturday, March 13, 2004

The purpose for the contest of the last entry was twofold. First, it allowed me to post one of my simple creations of artistic (objections?) nature. Second it allowed me to prove that there can be more than one interpretation to a poem, however simle. The poem from last post (I can't name poems, my creativity stops there) was undoubtedly simple in nature, and apparently in content or interpretability. There is what could be seen as the altogether more apparent, likely and sensible interpretation of anti-americanism as Nwar so helpfully pointed out. Then there is the actual interpretation, that is about the Harlem Globetrotters. Yes. Think about it. "Red, Blue, White," is not a denotation of America but of the Globetrotters colours. It does make sense. I hope my english teacher is reading this so I can prove once and for maybe that I wasn't always wrong in my obscure interpretations of the poems she made us read and analyze. Of course, she was always right because she was the english teacher and thus has some sort of dead poet intercessory to find out the real meanings of things that no one else is aware of. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not anti-english-teacher, I am anti-my-english-teacher. Or perhaps I am against them all and their tyranny of the classroom, oppressing opinions not similar to her own and her own kind. Intolerance of new ideas, however obscure, irrational, illogical or otherwise, that creates a spirit of superiority and tunnel thinking that can only lead to closed mindedness and the sort of oppression that can only be recognized if you were the one on the outside, going against the grain.

Ok, rant over, turn over tape to side two.

Summary in seven words: Poems are not always as they seem.

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