Monday, March 15, 2004

My professors have elected to go on strike, so there will be no classes at all this week in all likelihood. I support the teachers fully in their decision, not only because I get a second spring break, but because they got a proverbial kick in the face from the administration. If I had a good idea for a sign and it was a nicer day out I would be out there picketing with them, but as I don't and it isn't I'll stay home and watch Memento (one of the best movies out there for those who haven't seen it) and play guitar; not very productive I know, but maybe I'll do some work tomorrow. I am learning "Hall of the Mountain King" for anyone interested in my playing, or perhaps you didn't even know that I played and now know something new about my life of intrigue and mystery. I also have made up my own light jazzy background to a cool solo type of piece and have been playing that fairly constantly today. Perhaps I will make up a solo to go along with it, but more likely I will forget it within a week and hear it on a jazz track 3 years from now and wonder why I have heard it before.

By the way, Happy Eat An Animal For The PETA Day!

Summary in seven words: No school, no work, much fun, yeah.

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