Monday, March 08, 2004

It has been brought to my attention that all of my posts have nothing of importance/sustenance/anything that can remotely be viewed as content to them. To this I say that I have to write things that mean something all the time for school papers, assignments and other miscellaneous projects. This blog is not intended for those looking for uber deep discussions/opinions/comments about things that matter (to exemplify my point scroll down to my bit about the cherry pie yesterday). It is rather intended to provide a well written (as opposed to the hordes out there written by teenage girls largely composed of "lol", "kewl", "omg" and numerous others that I have forced from memory), hopefully humorous (don't worry if you don't find it funny, this is but one of the many facets of my humor) and adjective rich alternative to the traditional blog. I am also open to suggestions if you think my, what I hope to be, unique blog lacks something, essential or otherwise, though I may prefer to completely, utterly and without regret or other thought about it completely ignore any or all that do pass my way. Don't let that deter you, however, because I am all for freedom of speech, just as I am of ignoring those who I find distasteful/ignorant (both intellectually and of the importance of spelling and grammar)/mind-numbingly dull. In any case, good night and happy nearly belated international women's day to any female readers I have out there.

Summary in seven words: I like it well written/funny/insubstantial.

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