Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I think that studying may very well be the most hated activity that I have to do. Worse than taking out the garbage, cooking, listening to someone who shall remain nameless who won't stop blithering on and on about how this one person that I don't know did something wholly uninteresting to this other person that I have equally no clue as to their identity and then being asked if I am being bored with me being to polite and nice a person to say yes with enough enthusiasm (or lack of it, whichever works best. I have no idea since whichever of the two that I did, didn't seem to take and I was subjected to more horrible stories of such profound insignificance as to nearly render me unconscious) to be credible. I think that I detest it, think because I haven't the skill or the motivation for introspection at the moment, and detest is quite a powerful word, but in this case I think that it is quite likely to be the right one. I have two tests tomorrow, neither of which I have studied intensively, or even more than half an hour, for. One is in economics and one in accounting, both should be easy tests if I study even moderately for them, however I am for some reason, probably my alleged detest for the action, electing not to do so. Perhaps I will tomorrow, and I think that it is quite likely, but will that be enough? Are there any good students out there who can tell me how to motivate myself into studying? Or is the majority out there the same as me in my feelings toward this particular activity?

Summary in seven words: I detest the unholy action of study.

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