Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I had a pretty uneventful day today, got up, listened to music, made lunch, ate lunch, tasted good, went to band practice, enjoyed it, went to library, enjoyed it not so much, class, got uber bored, ran into friends, got uber cold, walked home, got laughed at (I truly had a snowbeard today, one of those rare occasions that the nickname is truthful), ate supper, tasted better than lunch, bickered a bit with those hethens (Mwhahahaha) over at MBNA, opened up blogger, "I had a pretty uneventful day ...". Good times.

Telemarketers are fun, especially when they phone you because then they are pretty much asking for it. I know, I was one for many months, had many good times (yes there is such a thing in telemarketing land), made many good friends, and, yes, of course got many whackjobs on the other end of the line. Telemarketers do have a sense of humour, and they enjoy those little jokes that you do to them, at least I did as it took away from the fact that it was a hideously depressing job and that by working there for too long was a shortcut to an asylum of some sort (it doesn't really matter which kind because if they are going to call it an asylum, it is going to be a less than sane place to be). Also, every one needs a stranger that they can be difficult with, and one over the phone is even better (mostly because there is less threat of physical violence that way), because friends don't appreciate it when you do it to them and those urges have to be vented somewhere lest we should be the ones off to the loony bin, crank house, or to become like Wonko the Sane (if you didn't get that reference, shame on you).

Summary in seven words: Telemarketers are for our amusement. And sanity?

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