Thursday, March 25, 2004

I had an epiphany today, believe it or not, about a certain something that shall remain a mystery. It was one of those really great epiphanies that leave you feeling really great about life, the universe and everything in general, as opposed to those that leave you despotic, lying on a cement floor previously unknown to you in the general vicinity of someplace hideously depressing such as Saskatchewan (have you ever been there?).

In any case, I attempted to record a lecture today with Adams handheld recorder device, and was successful in part. The success lies in the fact that there was some audio recorded from the lecture, a whole tapes worth in fact. The trouble is that what was recorded was so wholly unrecognizable that I would be (as a fairly imaginative guy, this means quite a lot) hard pressed to find anything at all that it could be used for. Now that I think about it, it could be used as torture. Not a word can be understood (though the words being spoken are unmistakably english, they simply cannot be understood), there is tonnes of static and this strange whirring sound which is particularly odd as I distinctly remember no whirring sound in the classroom at the time (it must be the inner workings of the recording device itself, but it seems like a fundamental design flaw to make a microphone so powerfull or misplaced so as to record the machinations of itself rather than the lecturer as intended). There is nothing worse than having the knowledge that you should be able to understand something in its entirety and being completely unable to do so (with the possible exceptions of starvation, war and decapitaion).

In short, the experiment will not go ahead as planned because I am not a masachist and do not think that I would enjoy a torture session during my sleep. My subconscious might hate me after that, and seriously, who out there would want an angry subconscious? Who knows what it would do? It could try to follow the Bloc's lead and separate, making me a schizophrenic (not a pleasant thing I am told).

Summary in seven words: Epiphany, good kind. Experiment equals torture. Garblewhirrrdogodewhirrrdefloge.

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