Thursday, March 18, 2004

I don't know if anyone out there has experienced or noticed this, but it seems to me that every day someone does something so incredibly, mindblowingly stupid that it is pretty much safe to say that this guy is, at the particular moment in time, the single most unintelligent person on the planet. Whether this means that the world is actually getting stupider, or if it just means that we now have the means to actually hear about these people is beyond my power to tell, but I would tend to lean toward the former.

In recent years western society in general has definitely got a leak in its think-tank. Just look at who our wonderful neighbors to the south have elected as president (sorry to pick on those of you from the US of A). Has Bush actually done anything that could remotely be considered intelligent? Perhaps I am being unfair and perhaps we only hear of his blunders and his creative use of what some may choose to call the English language, and maybe his is a smart guy who has done some good. Then again he may just be all foam and no beer, a few fries short of a happy meal, the one that fell out of the family tree, that his cheese has slid off his cracker etc. Then there was all that trouble counting the votes before the election that most have chosen to forget (how many months did it end up taking them to count a few ballots?). I guess I just feel a bit malicious today with no school to distract me.

On a completely unrelated topic, thanks to Wes and Sam for adding me to the links on their sites.

Summary in seven words: People today aren't firing on all thrusters.

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